The Centre for Social Dreaming

The Centre for Social Dreaming (CSD) is a developing project to connect the global Social Dreaming community to nurture the creation of new thinking and interconnection.

Building on the work of the many colleagues involved in Social Dreaming over the years, we are developing a new website and other resources to connect and support the global Social Dreaming community. Please stay tuned for updates.

In meantime you can join us and post a Social Dreaming event at the following social media sites:

For posting: and

For joining the community: and

Our dreams offer infinite insight into the world we live when shared. The practice of Social Dreaming allows us to discover meaning in our dreams that benefit all.

Social Dreaming was pioneered by Dr. W. Gordon Lawrence.

Please check out a new publication by Julian Manley

Social Dreaming, Associative Thinking and Intensities of Affect

Social Dreaming is Licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).