The Gordon Lawrence Foundation

The Gordon Lawrence Foundation is dedicated to promoting and further developing Social Dreaming through education, training, sponsorships, research, publications and supporting Social Dreaming events around the world.


Welcome to the Gordon Lawrence Foundation for the promotion of Social Dreaming. Founded in September 2012 and launched at Oxford University in 2013, we are a charity with the aim of developing the work for the future, where Gordon Lawrence’s contribution can be honoured. We are applying for Charity registration in the UK with both UK and International trustees responsible for our integrity and good conduct.

We exist to achieve four ambitions, to: educate and train others in the work of Social Dreaming in the Lawrence tradition; develop research into applications and encourage publication in this field of enquiry; offer relevant events; and, raise funds to sponsor the above for young professionals who would otherwise be unable to participate.

We have a strong structure of governance and a committed group of Associates. In addition, we are in the wise hands of a group of renowned Honoraries who will keep us true to the heart of our task and provide challenge to our thinking.

Our website introduces you to both the methodology invented by Dr Lawrence and to colleagues committed to taking this work into the future. It is very good to find you here.

With warm wishes.

Dame Ruth Silver DBE

Our Structure


UK Trustees:

International Trustees:

Role of the Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for fulfilling the mission of the Foundation and the responsibilities required under the auspices of the United Kingdom Charities Commission. The Board is expected to bring independent judgment in managing the planning, performance, behavior and reputation of the Foundation, while providing active leadership and monitoring it's success.

Foundation Associates

Foundation Associates are colleagues who want to develop their practice of and use Social Dreaming as part of their profession, and will work with the Foundation to achieve its objectives. All roles are voluntary and held by individuals who uphold the highest ethical standards of integrity and probity, and have a strong personal commitment to the Foundation's purpose.

Donate to the Gordon Lawrence Foundation

Your generous donation will advance the field of Social Dreaming and the work of Dr. Lawrence. Please send us an email with your contact information and we will follow-up with you immediately. Thank you for your support!