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The advanced training consists of four modules, each three consecutive days, distributed over a year. Applicants must have experience of Social Dreaming (SD) programmes as participants and be familiar with the relevant SD literature. On completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate of attendance and authorization to host SD programmes by the Il Nodo Group regarding her/his skills in hosting matrices.


MODULE 1 - November 24/26, 2017
Hosting a SD Matrix
Staff: Angela Eden, Franca Fubini & Alfredo Veneziale

MODULE 2 - April 13/15, 2018
Applying SD
Staff: Domenico Agresta, David Armstrong & Franca Fubini

MODULE 3 - September 14/16, 2018
Formulating working hypotheses and writing reports
Staff: Franca Fubini, Ruth Silver & Alfredo Veneziale

MODULE 4 - November 23/25, 2018
Field work and research
Staff: Domenico Agresta, Franca Fubini & Susan Long

The learning process develops through the following stages:

  • Experiential as participant

  • Conceptual

  • Co-hosting SD Matrices

  • Revision and reflection

  • Role, protocol and ethics

  • Hosting Matrices in the field

  • Supervision

  • Designing, producing, hosting and reporting about a SD programme

  • Research

The trainees shall learn through five kinds of events:

  1. SD Matrix co-hosted by 2 or 3 participants

  2. Dream Reflection Group

  3. Dream Reflection Dialogue

  4. Dialogues introduced by the host/consultants on SD theory

  5. Creative Role Synthesis applied to group supervision

By the time the trainees start the second module, they should be in the process of hosting Matrices in the field.

Module 2, 3 and 4 will focus on case work.

In the last session, Module 4, a SD programme as action research will be designed, executed and discussed in writing by the group of trainees as staff, supervised and coached by the host/consultants.

In order to qualify for the certificate, it is required to attend the full course. In case a trainee cannot attend one of the four modules, she/he can join the next training edition to complete certification.



The training will be held alternatively at two locations,  which can accomodate participants if they choose to do so. Dreams are closely related to the context in which they occur, which is why we have chosen to work in two different places:

MODULES 1 and 3
Sacro Cuore House, Nuns of S. Francesco di Sales
Via Rina, 2, 35038 Torreglia (Padua)

MODULES 2 and 4
Ex Convent S.G.Battista
Via Roma, 5, 01020 Celleno (Viterbo) 


Franca Fubini: designer and director of the programme

Alfredo Veneziale: administrator

Domenico Agresta is a Trustee of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation and works with Social Dreaming (SD) studying Rites of Passage, Religious Rites, and cultural contexts. He is a clinical psychologist, group-analyst and psycho-oncologist. President of the Center Study of Psychology and Psychosomatic Medicine (CSPP), he studies the correlation between mind and body links to anthropology and group processes. He teaches at university and at schools of psychotherapy. He lives and works in Pescara, Italy.

David Armstrong is a Trustee of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation and an Associate Consultant at Tavistock Consultancy, the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, London. He has worked as a social psychologist in action research and organisational consultancy at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, The Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies and the Tavistock Clinic. He has been closely associated with Gordon Lawrence’s development of SD conferences since 1989. David is a Distinguished Member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations (ISPSO).

Franca Fubini is the newly elected Chair of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation and Vice Chair of Il Nodo Group. She trained and worked with Gordon Lawrence since the 1980’s and together they developed SD in Italy. She has published articles about SD and its applications, teaches SD at universities, and has hosted SD programs internationally in a variety of work contexts as an organisational consultant. She is an experienced and qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist, organizational consultant and group analyst. Franca works both privately and for public administrations.

Susan Long is President of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation and has hosted SD matrices in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, the UK and the USA. She is currently co-editing a book on social dreaming with Julian Manley. As Director of Research and Scholarship at the National Institute for Organisation Dynamics Australia (NIODA), she conducts research and supervises postgraduate students. Susan is a past president of ISPSO, was first president of Group Relations Australia, a past board member of the Judicial College of Victoria, and also teaches at INSEAD in Singapore.

Alfredo Veneziale is a member of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation and of Il Nodo Group. Alfredo trained with Gordon Lawrence, Franca Fubini and Lilia Baglioni, and works with SD as a consultant to organisations. After a degree in Communication Studies and a masters in Human Resources, he has developed training programmes for professionals, linking SD to other consultancy tools for enhancing role awareness, creativity, lateral thinking, marketing strategies, and culture of innovation within organisations. 


Payment can be made by bank transfer in three installments:

  • € 1.220 VAT included, by September 10, 2107

  • € 854 VAT included, by January 31, 2018

  • € 854 VAT included, by June 20, 2018



The fee for the Social Dreaming Advanced Training is:

  • Regular € 3.172 VAT included

  • Special € 2.928 VAT included (for people affiliated with organizations involved in the event)

The fee does not include room and board, which are to be paid directly to the course venues.

Please send your interest in participating to The deadline for registrations is September 20, 2017.


Residential is optional. The participant is required to organize her/his stay at the two locations. If you have any questions or require further support, please contact administration (see below). 

At Sacro Cuore House, Torreglia (Padua), the daily cost for the single room (in-suite bathroom) is:

  • € 50 for full board

  • € 38 for half board

  • € 20 just one meal

At the Ex-Convent, Celleno (Viterbo) the cost for a single room with full board is:

  • € 58 with in-suite bathroom

  • € 48 without in-suite bathroom

  • € 15 just one meal

  • For more price options, please visit

If you choose full room and board at the course locations throughout all four modules, the total cost will be € 462 VAT included. This amount covers two full board nights (Friday and Saturday) plus Sunday lunch, per module, in single room accommodation with in-suite bathroom at both the Sacro Cuore House and the Convent of Celleno.

For those arriving by train, the administration will organize meeting points for collective transfer from the railway stations of Padua and Viterbo.

For administrative and logistics information

Alfredo Veneziale
346 7157 920

For training information

Franca Fubini
328 6642 875