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Social Dreaming@Sea


Social Dreaming (SD) benefits work settings and groups looking to increase their creativity and collaboration. SD has a dual nature, one systemic and the other analytic. Systemically, the individual appears in the fabric of his or her social context. Analytically, attention to the first thoughts and images that arise during dream sharing allows the observation of unconscious processes in a social system. Dreams, as spontaneous creations, indicate underlying thoughts relating to their origins and their evolution into the future. In this way free association is put into play for the benefit of the group. Because social dreaming disregards the intra-psychic, it has ideal implications for examining interpersonal/relational, intersubjective and larger systems dynamics.

SD was crafted by Gordon Lawrence, who  described it has having “a short history but a long past." The long past refers to social dreaming practices that have existed since the beginning of time in multiple indigenous communities across the planet. Its story begins with applications in search of the underlying intersubjective dynamics among individuals, groups and larger systems.

SD’s importance for Latin America is in harnessing culturally congruent creativity by  a highlighting its  socio-centric characteristics threatened by Northern European egocentric materialism characteristic of  nascent modernity, which overestimates the value of individualism. SD introduces a methodology that increases creative social forces by suspending personal systems of repression born of archaic cultural values. Putting aside over-dependence in outside authorities, including classically Eurocentric psychoanalytic methods of dream interpretation, gives us access to the universal function of dreams and their inherent wisdom.

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SocialDreaming@Work 2020: SD Master Class & Introduction, 24th-26th January 2020, Amsterdam

Join us this January 24th through 26th for a comprehensive training in the use of Social Dreaming in organizations and groups. This program allows you to experience the innovations offered in our dreams and the realization of their impact in groups, organizations and communities.

Social Dreaming(SD) was discovered and developed by W. Gordon Lawrenceto work with our dreams in the context in which we live. SD helps us understand and use one’s dream as a window into the daily systems and interactions we engage, becoming a tool for learning and development. SD has been used successfully for over 40 years in for profit and nonprofit organizations, including academia, government, corporations, disparate groups and numerous other settings around the world. Whether for strategies, ideation, negotiation, understanding conflict, communications, consultancy, collective artistic endeavors, and so on, SD has been instrumental in advancing our mutual understanding in the groups, organizations and communities in which we live.

Program Overview—there are two tracks to the weekend’s training:

 SD@Work—Master Class (3 days) is designed to train individuals in the art of hosting a SD matrix. We offer both theory and practice in SD and the role of host. Our objective is to provide you a solid foundation to further explore dreams in groups and incorporate SD in your practice, while connecting you to an international community of SD practitioners. The training is designed for participants with previous SD experience and provides an opportunity to share and explore:

  • The theory and practice of SD;

  • Experiences in the SD host role;

  • The history and current developments of SD;

  • Practical applications and case studies;

  • Mentoring and peer-mentoring for ongoing reflection; and

  • Co-creating the international SD community of practice.

SD@Work—Introduction (1 day) provides an opportunity for participants with basic SD experience to explore its power and process by attending a full-day of SD matrices, reflections and learning with the SD@Work Master Class.

Program Timing

1.    The SD@Work Master Class is limited to 12 participants.

Friday, Jan 24th           1pm - 8pm

Saturday, Jan 25th      8am - 7pm

Sunday, Jan 26th         9am - 2pm

2.    An Introduction to SD@Work is limited to 18 participants.

Saturday, Jan 25th      9am - 5pm


SD@Work - Master Class        €575

SD@Work - Introduction        €225

Partial bursaries may be available for members of sponsoring organizations upon request. A continental breakfast, tea, coffee, snacks and lunch will be provided during the training. Not included are evening meals and the group evening dinner (Saturday) at an Amsterdam restaurant. Participants are expected to arrange their own accommodations.

For more information: Carlos Remotti-Breton, +44 7528 677682 ,

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Training information:

U.S.A, Marc Maltz, +1 917 975 2074,

Europe, Nicola Wreford-Howard, +31 6

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Barbican: Social Dreaming Matrix—Daria Martin's "Tonight the World"

Using Daria Martin’s exhibition Tonight the World as a springboard, this event explores the collective unconscious in the context of today’s society. Taking place in the exhibition space, you’re invited to share your dreams and thoughts in this open environment. This session is about exploring connections, rather than interpreting dreams themselves.

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