Development, Research, Exploration and Methodology

Social Dreaming development, research, exploration and methodology (DREAM) encourages academic debate and research in ways of exploring human interaction in society.

DREAM's founding members:

  • Domenico Agresta

  • Aanka Batta

  • Jonathan Gosling

  • Herbert Hahn

  • Kathy Harrington

  • Susan Long

  • Julian Manley (Acting Chair)

  • Hillary Monk

  • Margaret Page

  • David Patman

  • Rumen Petrov

DREAM's objectives:

  1. Provide a forum for academic research in the field of Social Dreaming and related ways of exploring human interaction in society.

  2. Develop academic research projects.

  3. Secure funding for research that uses Social Dreaming as a tool or method.

  4. Develop links with universities where research in the field exists or can be encouraged.

  5. Publish research in peer-reviewed journals.

  6. Conduct seminars, workshops and conferences.

  7. Develop partnerships with Social Dreaming practitioners.

  8. Support the education efforts of the Foundation.

  9. Develop Social Dreaming practices and applications for academic research.

DREAM provides and supports recognized and respected academic research in Social Dreaming and other forms of working with the visual imagination that further's the Center’s aims. To see some of our current work, please go to the Current Projects page.

If you are interested in finding out more about the research aspect of Social Dreaming and the activities of the DREAM Committee, please contact Julian Manley at