Social Dreaming Berlin 2021

Join us for Social Dreaming at the
ISPSO Conference in Berlin July 5-11 2021
| The Walls Within – Working with Defenses against Otherness |

Social Dreaming
alongside the ISPSO 2021 conference: online and daily 9-10am in Berlin from 5-11 July 2021

Social dreaming provides an opportunity to explore our shared dreams as a window into our daily interactions in, helping to advance our learning and development. 

In Social Dreaming, we focus on the dreams and not the dreamer. By weaving dreams and linking associations we explore new patterns and constellations of meaning. Social Dreaming thus transcends the individual. By following the threads of interconnected dreams in a community of dreamers we can learn about a deeper layer of relatedness of our inner and outer worlds.

Whether for strategy, leadership, innovation, consultancy or coaching: Social Dreaming has been intrumental in advancing our understanding and development of social systems. Sharing and connecting our dreams in a Social Dreaming Matrix can help us sense and release systemic blockages and conflictual patterns, to enable renewed connection, creativity and collaboration.

Nicola Wreford-Howard will be hosting the Social Dreaming with Marc Maltz and an international host team from the training group:

Social Dreaming Professional Development Workshop

For those wishing to deepen their SD hosting practice there are options to attend an online Social Dreaming training group leading up to and dreaming into the ISPSO conference and / or a full day professional development workshop in Berlin Monday 5th July.

The training group provides participants with the foundation to take up the role of host to a Social Dreaming matrix. It is designed for participants with both basic and advanced social dreaming experience and provides opportunity to explore the history, theory, practice and application. There is opportunity to take up and experience SD host roles in a host team during the conference.