London Social Dreaming

monthly: First Fridays 18:30 BST on Zoom

This interactive online session – via Zoom – invites you to share dreams and associated thoughts enabling new perspectives and meaning.

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About the Event

Social Dreaming provides a unique space for listening to dreams, discovering links and connections between our dreams. 

In the first hour of the meeting we share dreams without discussion of interpretation, just speaking and responding to dreams with another dream or association, this creates a matrix of dreams, full of images that might weave themselves together, in shared meanings, or as a diverse patchwork. After the matrix, there is time to reflect on the dreams and experience , and explore the feelings that the dreams convey linking to current concerns in the world – to the social and collective sphere. We put aside personal meanings as we listen and respond to dreams New thoughts and meanings may emerge in our reflection. 

Social Dreaming is open to all interested in this social dimension of our neglected collective dreamlife. An infinite resource of dreaming that helps us think creatively

The London Social Dreaming Matrix offers an opportunity to come together to this unique conversation and it open to all interested in this social dimension of our dreamlife.

This methodology was pioneered and developed by Gordon Lawrence and his colleagues at the Tavistock Institute and Tavistock Clinic in the 1980s. The first experiment was launched by Gordon Lawrence and Paddy Daniel. Since then social dreaming has revealed its potential, developed, spread and been used in many areas and fields around the globe. 

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Note: The matrix is not therapy. Participants are responsible for themselves and their own wellbeing. This event is open to adults 18 years and above.