Social Dreaming Berlin 2021

Join us for Social Dreaming at the
ISPSO Conference in Berlin July 5-11 2021
| The Walls Within – Working with Defenses against Otherness |

Social Dreaming
alongside the ISPSO 2021 conference: online and daily 9-10am in Berlin from 5-11 July 2021

Social dreaming provides an opportunity to explore our shared dreams as a window into our daily interactions in, helping to advance our learning and development. 

In Social Dreaming, we focus on the dreams and not the dreamer. By weaving dreams and linking associations we explore new patterns and constellations of meaning. Social Dreaming thus transcends the individual. By following the threads of interconnected dreams in a community of dreamers we can learn about a deeper layer of relatedness of our inner and outer worlds.

Whether for strategy, leadership, innovation, consultancy or coaching: Social Dreaming has been intrumental in advancing our understanding and development of social systems. Sharing and connecting our dreams in a Social Dreaming Matrix can help us sense and release systemic blockages and conflictual patterns, to enable renewed connection, creativity and collaboration.

Nicola Wreford-Howard will be hosting the Social Dreaming with Marc Maltz and an international host team from the training group:

Social Dreaming Professional Development Workshop

For those wishing to deepen their SD hosting practice there are options to attend an online Social Dreaming training group leading up to and dreaming into the ISPSO conference and / or a full day professional development workshop in Berlin Monday 5th July.

The training group provides participants with the foundation to take up the role of host to a Social Dreaming matrix. It is designed for participants with both basic and advanced social dreaming experience and provides opportunity to explore the history, theory, practice and application. There is opportunity to take up and experience SD host roles in a host team during the conference.

Laboratory for Social Choreography

EVERY THURSDAY; 12 Noon EST | 5PM London (BST) | 6 PM CET (90 MIN)

Meeting ID: 921 4026 2115
Passcode: 484208

The Laboratory for Social Choreography at Duke University, in partnership with the Centre for Social Dreaming:


‘… it is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism.’ F. Jameson 

We are excited to announce a new series of Social Dreaming. 10 weekly Social Dreaming matrices will be devoted to envisioning new ways of ‘being with’: social orders, structures, movements and relations that grow out of making connections between shared dreams. Sessions are open to international participation and will be conducted in English. Dr. Julian Manley (UK), a leading expert in Social Dreaming, will give a short introduction before each matrix. We welcome you to join. 

Originally discovered by Gordon Lawrence at the Tavistock Institute in the 1980s, Social Dreaming is now a widely respected practice to cultivate free associations and systemic thinking, so as to create links, find connections, and generate new thoughts.

There is no need to have joined any of the previous sessions. Please extend this invite to friends and colleagues. Join us, listen in, or engage!

LSC focuses on the equitable transformation of social structures and the articulation of new modes of governance through aesthetics. Part of the Kenan Institute of Ethics, supported by FHI, Duke Arts, Duke Dance. Director: Michael Kliën

London Social Dreaming

monthly: First Fridays 18:30 BST on Zoom

This interactive online session – via Zoom – invites you to share dreams and associated thoughts enabling new perspectives and meaning.

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About the Event

Social Dreaming provides a unique space for listening to dreams, discovering links and connections between our dreams. 

In the first hour of the meeting we share dreams without discussion of interpretation, just speaking and responding to dreams with another dream or association, this creates a matrix of dreams, full of images that might weave themselves together, in shared meanings, or as a diverse patchwork. After the matrix, there is time to reflect on the dreams and experience , and explore the feelings that the dreams convey linking to current concerns in the world – to the social and collective sphere. We put aside personal meanings as we listen and respond to dreams New thoughts and meanings may emerge in our reflection. 

Social Dreaming is open to all interested in this social dimension of our neglected collective dreamlife. An infinite resource of dreaming that helps us think creatively

The London Social Dreaming Matrix offers an opportunity to come together to this unique conversation and it open to all interested in this social dimension of our dreamlife.

This methodology was pioneered and developed by Gordon Lawrence and his colleagues at the Tavistock Institute and Tavistock Clinic in the 1980s. The first experiment was launched by Gordon Lawrence and Paddy Daniel. Since then social dreaming has revealed its potential, developed, spread and been used in many areas and fields around the globe. 

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Note: The matrix is not therapy. Participants are responsible for themselves and their own wellbeing. This event is open to adults 18 years and above.

Masterclass Boston 2019

Social Dreaming@Work

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Join us January 24th through 26th for a comprehensive training in the use of Social Dreaming in organizations and groups. This program allows you to experience the innovations offered in our dreams and the realization of their impact in groups, organizations and communities.

Social Dreaming (SD) was discovered and developed by W. Gordon Lawrence as a means to understand and work with our dreams in relation to the context in which we live. SD moves us from interpreting the individual’s dream to using dreams as a window into our daily systems and interactions as a development tool for learning. SD has been used successfully for over 40 years in for profit and nonprofit organizations, academics, government, disparate groups and numerous other settings around the world. Whether for strategies, ideation, negotiation, understanding conflict, communications, consultancy, collective artistic endeavors, such as film & theater productions and script writing: Social Dreaming has been instrumental in advancing our mutual understanding in the groups, organizations and communities in which we live.

Program Overview

The annual international Social Dreaming Master class is designed to familiarize and train individuals in the art of hosting a SD matrix. We offer both theory and practice in Social Dreaming and in taking up the role of host in a matrix. Our objective is to provide you a solid foundation to further explore dreams in groups, incorporating SD in your own practice and to connect you to the international community of SD practitioners. 

The training is designed for all levels of SD experience, providing opportunity to Experience and explore the practice of Social Dreaming, Share & reflect on current SD developments  / applications and case studies, Establish mentoring and peer-mentoring relationships for ongoing reflection, Join and co-create the international Social Dreaming Community of Practice.

Your Hosts

Marc Maltz has helped CEOs, Boards and senior executives develop and transform their organizations, manage risk and improve productivity for over 30 years. His work in organizational and leadership development, change management and organizational resilience has enabled clients to gain critical personal and organizational insight to tackle the many challenges in achieving new levels of success. Marc has been involved with the exploration and advancement of Social Dreaming for over 30 years and was a founding Board member of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation. He has used SD extensively in his work with clients in numerous settings. Marc is a partner of Hoola Hoop, a member of the A.K. Rice Institute and member former board member of ISPSO – the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations and founding member of the Centre for Social Dreaming. Marc lives in New York City and has a M.B.A. and postgraduate certificates from MIT, the Wharton School and the William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis & Psychology.  

Nicola Wreford-Howard   helps organisations and communities navigate complex change. She advises on transformational leadership, collaboration and innovation strategies. She designs & facilitates initiatives for creative dialogue and reflection, leads retreats exploring future senarios and strategy development. Nicola serves on the board of directors of ISPSO – the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations and is founding member, currently serving as Chair of the Centre for Social Dreaming. She has led Social Dreaming host teams for numerous international conferences and offers Social Dreaming Masterclasses.

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